Overdue exterior remodel

  1. 2007.Q3.Aspen 001
  2. The view of the back of the apartments before renovations

  3. IMG_1535
  4. The view from the back of the apartment building after renovations

  5. Caribou 001 (2)
  6. The original design concept

  7. DSC_0401
  8. New siding, windows and trim help to bring this complex into the 21st century

  9. Caribou 001
  10. The initial design concept. We worked with the exiting forms of the condominium complex in order to keep the costs down.

  11. DSC_0402
  12. Vertical and horizontal wood siding works with the existing forms

  13. CBfinal 019
  14. We replaced the wood shingles on the curved fascia with a new metal fascia. The original roof material over these curved portions was also wood shake. This was replaced with metal roofing.

  15. CB two vert copy
  16. Before and after. We removed the shingles and curved details--especially the curved "weatherboard" detail which accomplished little more than capturing snow.

  17. 100_0098
  18. One of the many ubiquitous curves in the original design. The top of this collected snow and created water issues. Note the rotting boards under the deck.

  19. IMG_0028
  20. Poor detailing and a lack of maintenance caused severe water damage and gave our structural engineer a heart attack. He was able to easily put his hand through this 5 1/8" glu-lam. All of the existing decks throughout the complex needed to be replaced.

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