Historic Remodel

  1. 605WB-web7
  2. The new portion of the house was meant to pay homage to carriage houses. The door shown is decorative and the windows open up to the stairwell. Shutters by owner.

  3. two vert interior
  4. The interior of the "False Door" on the street elevation. The windows bring light into the stairwell going to the office loft.

  5. 605wbleeker
  6. The original design concept showing a clear separation between the historic structure and the new architecture.

  7. 2010-02-18
  8. The original cabin being moved onto its new concrete foundation.

  9. 2010-02-18 001
  10. An original structural detail. Yes, those are chains hanging from a 2x4 holding up individual rafters. My all time favorite existing condition.

  11. 605WB-web6
  12. The Master bath

  13. 605WB-web5
  14. The Living/Dining area was located in the original structure.

  15. 605WB-web3
  16. The Kitchen was also located in the existing Miner's Cabin. The windows facing east give this room great light.

  17. 605WB-web2
  18. The Entry elevation showing the original Miner's Cabin. The shutters were added by a subsequent owner.,

  19. 605WB-web1
  20. One of the bedrooms in the new basement. Large lightwells and high ceilings help this room to feel light and comfortable

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