Revisioning Locker Rooms

  1. SMC- 2 VERT copy
  2. A view of the lavatory area (left) and the hallway leading to the outdoor pool (right)

  3. IMG_0927
  4. The cool colors of the surface countertops, wall mounted fixtures, and white field tile contrasts with the warmth of the walnut partitions

  5. IMG_0902
  6. The corner window on the Finnleo sauna helps to further open up the hallway

  7. IMG_0901
  8. The view down the hallway to the Ladies' Locker room. The large scale charcoal floor tiles were chosen for both slip resistance and to help make the space seem larger

  9. DSCN1514
  10. A new waiting area and pool towel storage area. We used steel low profile radiators for durability.

  11. DSCN1512
  12. The partition between the shower area and the lavatory area uses modern sliding barn hardware. Walnut panels bring warmth to the cool colors of the wall tile and solid surface countertops.

  13. DSCN1511
  14. The interior was designed to be easy to maintain, clean, and light.

  15. DSCN1509
  16. The shower area uses a towel warmer radiator as a heat source--and a great amenity.

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