Large and Small Animal Veterinary Clinic

  1. DSC_0651
  2. The veterinary clinic was designed to fit within a prefabricated steel building to save on construction costs. The architect, of course, could not resist having at least some exterior detail. The steel supports help to break up the exterior.

  3. DSC_0657
  4. The recovery stalls open to the outdoors

  5. DSC_0642
  6. The main entry into the veterinary hospital.

  7. DSC_0727
  8. The reception area for the Small Animal clinic

  9. DSC_0721
  10. The interior stalls. The aisle in front of the stalls is a specific dimension to allow the Large Animal Doctor to check horses for lameness.

  11. DSC_0702
  12. The large animal surgery

  13. DSC_0688
  14. The interior of the recovery stalls with a guest.

  15. DSC_0662
  16. The small animal emergency treatment area with holding kennels.

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