Distinctive Prefab Housing

  1. IMG_0718
  2. A view of the home and the neighborhood. The site built roofs helped to break up the massing and make this home unique in its neighborhood.

  3. Mares plan
  4. The building envelope for this site was extremely small so the modules by necessity needed to be placed at an obtuse angle. The stairwell at the narrow end of the site brings light down to the lower level and brings a view of Highlands Peak into the Living room.

  5. A-final copy
  6. The initial Sketchup Model showing the three main modules to be built off site. The Stair/Hall, Entry, and deck off the Master Bedroom (not shown) were site built.

  7. IMG_0723
  8. Materials were chosen for durability and ease of maintenance. Composite siding, fiberglass windows, asphalt shingles, and metal roofing.

  9. MARES-2 VERT copy
  10. A view of the stair window (left) and the entry (right)

  11. IMG00034
  12. The Kitchen module being set in place

  13. IMG00033
  14. The Kitchen was built as a module but with the help of the manufacturer we were able to use an angled footprint

  15. IMG00032
  16. The Kitchen module being craned onto the site. Note the cabinetry has already been installed

  17. IMG00031
  18. Getting the Kitchen module off the truck

  19. IMG_0727
  20. The roof of the Stair continues over the upper level Gallery/Hall

  21. IMG_0719
  22. The street elevation of the home. A small carport with a garage below the Master Bedroom and deck above (right side). On the left side of the house two bedrooms stack above the Living Room

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