Unbuilt Work

  1. 2014-11-18 ELEV2
  2. This small home designed for Habitat for Humanity was designed to be economical to build and to fit into an old Victorian neighborhood

  3. Lot 14 interior final
  4. This photorealistic rendering was created to help the client understand the interior spaces of their new home.

  5. Lot 14 exterior copy
  6. This small home on a steeply sloped lot needed outdoor space. By designing a large deck off the Living Room we were able to create an exterior area that the site would not have allowed

  7. Restore view
  8. Using simple shapes, Habitat for Humanity approved colors, and a childlike "icon" ma2 architects created an instantly recognizable destination for Habitat's new 50,000 s.f. ReStore

  9. Lot 5 exterior small
  10. Using Photoshop and Sketchup Pro we were able to create this fully rendered image for marketing purposes

  11. Lot 5 interior FINAL
  12. A photorealistic interior rendering helped show the clients how their space would look once finsihed and how the windows would capture the mountain views

  13. AG-ele-2 copy
  14. Hand drawn rendering of a contemporary home overlooking Aspen. This home used a stone mass to anchor the uphill side of the massing.

  15. Krill orig-south
  16. The clients wanted a ranch home on a stunning site with a 24'-0" height limit. We responded to the site and the views by mimicking the slope of the site with the roof forms.

  17. GK-street
  18. A Sketchup Model of this home shows how the roof forms work with the contours of the site, yet are contextural for its Colorado location

  19. massingoption
  20. Responding to a requirement that all buildings in the City of Aspen have a one story mass, this project utilized a small "carriage house" as a garage. It was linked to the rest of the home through a small breezeway

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