Other work

ma2 architects brings a broad depth of experience to all our work. During the course of her career Mary Holley has worked on large hotels, multifamily housing, apartment projects, ice facility locker rooms, and large warehouse and shop buildings. Below are a few examples of built work completed by ma2 architects

  1. 01. Overdue exterior remodel

    These condominiums had not been maintained or updated since they were built in 1977.  The owners wanted to update […]

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  2. 02. Large and Small Animal Veterinary Clinic

    The owners of a Large and Small Animal Clinic needed to move out of their small space and open a state […]

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  3. 03. Unbuilt Work

    All design starts with a vision of how the site, the program, and the client’s dreams come together. By […]

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  4. 04. Intriguing Snippets

    Small projects, concepts, and miscellaneous ideas. A glimpse into what ma2 architects can do for you…

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  5. 05. Revisioning Locker Rooms

    This space was small, outdated, and extraordinarily cramped.  We opened up the hallway by using a Finnleo sauna with […]

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